7 Little Known Facts About Knitted Skirts

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Knitted skirts have a bad reputation. The problem is so often a simple tube with no shaping is “sold” as a skirt.  And although there are a few female bodies that are tube shaped, most are not. As such, knitted skirts that are not designed well also don’t wear well. But there are, in fact, many up-sides to knitting a skirt that often get overlooked. Here are 7 little known (or rarely considered) facts about knitted skirts.

1. Knitted fabrics are naturally drapey and therefore make for wonderful skirt fabrics.
2. Seating out (or baggy butt) is an issue with poor skirt design and/or fabric choice; it is not an inherent issue with a knitted skirt.
3. Knitted skirts are one of the easiest non-accessory garments to knit, requiring only basic shaping.
4. The waistbands of knitted skirts do not have to be bulky. If they are shaped they are no more bulky than the typical woven skirt.
5. Almost any shape of skirt is possible with knitting. There is not a limited set of options.
6. A skirt makes a great first design project. Only a few measurements are needed, exact fit is less critical and the calculations are relatively straight-forward.
7. Skirts are a great way to use a limited amount of yarn. When worked from the top down the hem length can be adjusted to the amount of yarn available.

Have I convinced you to give knitting a skirt a try? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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