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This has been a crazy week, let me tell you.

In a good way, of course.

Here’s a little sneak peek for you, about the work that goes into making videos for a website:

One week ago,  Gwen flew to Maryland and taught for the weekend at the Knitting Boutique, one of my local yarn stores. On Monday, we got to work recording and editing new content for Eduknit.  We worked all day Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, we went and picked up Gwen’s BHE (Best Husband Ever) at the airport, and then I dropped the two of them off with family, but not before grabbing some lunch at a fabulous local hot dog joint.



On Thursday morning, I left the house at 3:30 am to fly to Utah so I could get my youngest settled in at university. The rest of yesterday was non-stop: moving him into the dorm, running to Target to get the last of the things he needed for his room, and then getting pizza and gathering to see all of my kids but one PLUS my granddarling AND my future daughter-in-law. Whew.


That’s the youngest, waiting behind the luggage containing all his worldly goods for school.

Before we parted ways, however, Gwen and I sat down together to process and discuss. We were tired and apparently I could NOT stop touching my hair (it’s a new ‘do, I’m not used to how I look and since I can see myself on the monitor while we record, I apparently got a little antsy – sheesh. More insider info about making videos, just for you…), but we really are having a good time. We hope our discussion about the work that goes into making videos for a website will inspire you to check out what we’ve been doing.  Today, 2 new patterns were unveiled, and Eduknit subscribers receive a coupon to get one of them as a gift!

So here you go, Gwen and Kellie, uncut:


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