Can Sweater Finishing Be Fun (or At Least Funny)?

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I am asking myself this question as I begin to fully prepare for my presentation on Hacks for Finishing Sweaters.

The Start and Finish Line

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My subtitle says what the content is all about: “Make the Final Phase Faster, Easier and Neater”. Nowhere did I say it would be fun. But one of the keys to a great presentation (especially on a topic that most people try to avoid) is add a good dose of fun and humor.

Just about a year ago I attended an event called SCORRE whose focus is to help make speakers and presenters the best they can be. It is a very practical approach to speaking to ensure your message is clear and is communicated as effectively as possible. The techniques I learned allowed me to develop the meat of the content in less than an hour.

But delivery is another thing altogether. At the conference we had several opportunities to practice, as well as many outstanding examples from the stage. Ultimately, humor really makes the presentation much more memorable. But again and again we were reminded, don’t make the content fit the story – find a story that will fit the content. The humor is only useful when it ties strongly with meaningful content.

And so today, I work on remembering stories about finishing that will add a bit of “spice” to what I believe will be a super-valuable (in terms of content) presentation about sweater finishing.

So I will ask all of you…do you have a funny story about sweater finishing to share? I would love to add a few to my repertoire!!

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