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From time to time I think it is good for everyone to see that those of us who are involved in the knitting industry professionally really are not that much different than those of you who knit as a hobby.  The above is my basket of current WIPs.  Notice I use the term current (yes, that means there is another whole area for WIP that are in some stage of hiatus).

Generally I try to limit my active WIP because many times I am working to a deadline.  That is actually not the case at this current point in time. Starting at the red/gold project and working around clock-wise the projects are the following:

  • Felted Slipper Socks that have been knit but still need to be felted.  My last pair wore out at the end of the season and although I could use them today, it won’t get urgent for several more months.  So I am going to wait to see if I end up with other things that I want to felt.
  • The purple and green is a project for Claudia Hand Painted Yarns made from her Linen Lace being held double strand.  It is my current travel project as it is relatively simple knitting and all done in one piece.  Hoping to have it done by the next time I see her in June.
  • The plum piece is nearly done, but I am designing it on the needles which is REALLY strange for me.  It is a re-do of the piece that I talked about here. The first one was turning out too large and needs to be ripped out (one of the ones on hiatus).  I currently have a bit a ripping/re-knitting to do on this one too, but it is getting really close!
  • The project in the bag is technically done and will be another design for Claudia.  However, we decided that it needed a few modifications, so those need to be done (not too much work). And then I need to write up the pattern “for real” and get another one made in my size. So another one really close to finished.
  • The swatch in the middle was me playing while on my last trip at the end of April.  It uses Claudia’s Fingering of which I one skein of nearly every color!  So I am looking at making a skirt design to use up your leftover fingering/sock bits.  It has a bit to go, but I a, pretty excited about this design’s potential.
Image via Flickr by Seattle Municipal Archives

 And there you have it!! Just like you sometime reaching the finish line can be a little more difficult than we planned. Of my 5 projects in process, 3 just need a bit more time and they could be done! Oh, but I want to get started on the skirt so bad….it is very distracting.

So give us a confession in the comments.  How many “current” projects are you working on now? And how many are really close to being done?  I can’t possibly be the only one!!!

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