Fine Finishing — Edgings

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So back to our regularly scheduled knitting content!!!  I am working on a project for the Winter issue of Knitter’s magazine that has me thinking about edgings.  Edgings really are the “frame” to our knitted pieces of art and honestly, I sometimes think their importance gets overlooked.  As with picture frames, sometimes simple is best, but no always.

I personally like my edgings to “relate” to the knitted piece.  Sometimes this means the edging will merge seamlessly into the fabric, other times it means it will have a shared element.  But each time, it really should be considered as part of the overall design.  So my question for the day is:

Do you have a favorite edging?  Is so, what is it and why is it your favorite?  If not, how do you decide what edging you will use on each project?

As always, curious minds want to know!!!

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