Fine Finishing — It’s Like Drywall

Filed in Uncategorized by on May 14, 2010 2 Comments

If you haven’t noticed by now, most of my posts are directly related to what is happening in my world at this moment.  Our drywall installation was just inspected yesterday and I really am impressed by the consistency of the work that is done by these men.  Even so, the mud and tape guys (the finishing) still have to come and do their work. 

But what struck me this morning were the similarities of the drywall process and the knitting process.  When the base work is done well, the finishing work goes so much faster (and looks better), than when the finishing is used to FIX a bunch of problems.  There still may be a need to fix SOMETHING that did not go quite right in the in the initial process. And one or two of these issues is not going to invalidate the entire project, but the fewer the better. So even in drywall, good finishing starts at the beginning.

Hopefully the mud, tape and texture goes well enough that I am not inspired to talk about how bad finishing can ruin and perfectly good project!  But only time will tell!