Fine Finishing Leads to New Beginnings

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So I am late in writing this (I know it is Saturday, not Friday), but as I fell asleep last night (remembering that I hadn’t done this) a thought came to me.  I am sure it was spurred into existence by a poem Kellie made about her friend leaving yesterday.  And the thought is this:

Every time something comes to a conclusion, there is an opportunity for some thing new to commence.

Kellie’s close friend has moved to Germany and the friendship of someone near and dear has concluded (for the time being) and become a friendship of someone still very dear, but not quite so near.  However, with this change many new opportunities have also appeared. 

  • Plans for a trip to Germany to visit (and nothing is better than touring an area with a “local”).
  • New aspects to the friendship that might not have ever happened when someone is “just around the corner”
  • A potential opening for yet another friendship to develop to fill the space and time that has now available.

Our knitting is like that as well and I noticed it as I finished a project last night.  As a project gets done all sort of new possibilities come into play.

  • I can start something completely new or finish something else that might have been languishing.
  • Although I have probably enjoyed working with this yarn, new yarn, different patterns, new textures and new challenges all await.
  • With the full implementation of this idea, new designs have space and time to fully develop into yet another project.

Finishing, ending, concluding, whatever you want to name it can be sad.  But it can also be joyful as we celebrate what has been and look with anticipation to what is yet to come!

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