Fine Finishing: The Last Stop

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The last stop of my Fall Teaching Tour is in Tucson, AZ at Kiwi Knitting.  I met Lynne a number of years ago during my first visit to Tucson to teach for their guild.  Although the first day of classes were held at a public meeting place, the second day of classes were held at Kiwi Knitting.  With the anticipated release of the book, we made arrangements for me to make another visit.

No surprise, I am teaching a couple of entrelac classes, but I am also teaching my short row class.  In reality, this also relates to entrelac, just a bit tangentially.  The triangles used in entrelac are created using short rows, but that is not what this class focuses on.  Instead we review all the various techniques so students can figure out which one works best for them (one size does not fit all).  We conclude class with a discussion on application of the technique.  It is another geeky topic, so it is no surprise I really enjoy teaching the class.

Tomorrow, after class, I head to the Phoenix airport so I can catch a 6AM flight so I can be back in California to make it to my friends wedding that afternoon.  It will be a fun event and as teaching at Kiwi has been a nice end to my teaching on this trip, the wedding with be a nice conclusion to my travels!

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