Fine Finishing – The Perfect Seam

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My task today was to organize two fashion shows for the Knit and Crochet Show happening right now in Manchester, NH.  So I have had lots of opportunities to closely examine a variety of garments created from the hands of a number of different individuals with different yarns, patterns and skill levels.  And almost all (if not all) of the garments were really lovely.  But I realized that it was not necessarily because of the yarn, color choice, pattern stitch, garment style or things we usually spend lots of time thinking and planning for — it was because of the FINISHING (particularly some of the seams)

Two stranded garments (often called Fair Isle) were so incredible (including the seams) that you could wear the garment inside out and the majority of the world would not have a second thought.  A well executed seam really can make the difference between acceptable, nice and extraordinary.  So if you don’t already, you really should learn at least two or three different seaming methods, practice them and know when and how to apply them.  It can make all the difference!

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