Fine Finishing: The Remains of the Yarn

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When you complete a project, what do you do with the remaining yarn? Do you save it for repairs or the prospect of duplicating the project at another time? Do you donate it to charity? Do you precisely and promptly put a sample in your knitting journal, then if there is enough,  knit a hat for charity, and then get rid of the rest so there are no hangers on in your rubbermaid tubs?  Do you have a protocol for saving it, but only if there is a certain amount left over?

Are you methodical about your leftovers or free-wheeling?

As I’ve been de-stashing and finishing up some UFO’s that have practically had time to fly through space to Pluto and back, I’ve been considering what to do with the bits I didn’t use. I definitely fall into the free-wheeling camp, because it seems to be different with each thing. Sock yarn gets knitted up into tiny little washcloth squares that will someday be joined into a blanket like the exquisite one I saw at Knitting Camp one year. That I’m pretty regular about. Other stuff gets donated to various causes, saved for the sundry charity projects I find myself heading up at church, or just boxed up and dealt with later.

I’m always surprised by how much yarn I still have when I think about all the boxes I’ve sent off. I really do think yarn has a rather exciting secret life of its own. Either that or yarn abides by its own set of natural laws, and there is a law of conservation of yarn that is constantly at work in the tiny universes of our stashes (it never really goes away, just shows up somewhere else). In any case, it’s part of our knitting life and I’m curious.

If you’ve got good, deserving places for us to send our yarn, please share. If you have equally good ideas for using up the bits, by all means share that as well.

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