Hello from the Land of the Long White Cloud

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I have a few minutes of hotel internet to get a post up and say hello from down under. It’s been amazing so far, with plenty of time to knit (the mobius is done!) and plenty of amazing things to see.

I am incredibly grateful to be here. The tour is well-organized, and even if we weren’t seeing Tolkien film-inspired locations, it would have been well worth it. Here is the quick run-down of where we’ve been:

Day 1: Auckland. I collected sea shells, ate Japanese food and got to see a friend from 30 years ago.

Seashells in Auckland

Seashells in Auckland

Day 2: Amazing cliffs and a beautiful town by a lake that included a Maori cultural evening with food, dancing and singing. And this amazing yarn bombing of a tree:


Yarn Bombed Tree in Roturua


Cliffs at Waitomo. These were seen in the first Hobbit film.

Day 3: The Hobbiton Movie set!

Me at Bag End, the home of the Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo.

Me at Bag End, the home of the Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo.

Today we head toward Wellington, where we will be ’til Saturday. I’m hopeful to be able to catch up and get my post for next week all ready.

It’s been fun to see what a universal conversation starter my knitting is. I’ve been able to celebrate others’ knitting as well as the knitting of those they love. One girl is wearing socks her mother made her. The wearing of the socks keeps the love of the mother close when not traveling together. Another girl is a knitter and has worn some gorgeous fingerless gloves. Once young woman’s mother is a knitter and I got to see photos of treasured items knit for family members.

I loved that the needles and yarn cut instantly across the gulf of strangerhood and helped us be friends. I hope knitting always does the same for you.


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