How Would You Finish This?

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I tried to get this posted on Friday, I really did. I had a big wedding/reception to photograph and by the time I got home I was so tired that I took the skirt photos then fell asleep as I waited for them to upload so I could publish. So, you get an extra Friday this weekend: Enjoy!
I have finished the knitting of my FLY KAL skirt and I love it. The fit is perfect, the fabric firm yet flexible, and the colors happy. I will get the elastic in, do some finishing work, and it will be ready for the coming autumn. Because this skirt was parsed from yarns in colors I chose and combined myself, it is in my color language. I found at least 8 things in my closet that go with it, including tops, jackets and shoes. That was a fun bonus and I’m pretty excited to work it into this year’s fall-winter wardrobe.
I did want to show you the inside of the skirt and ask a question. Because of the alternating knits and purls in my stitch pattern, it didn’t work easily to weave the short tails in as I went. How would you finish this? Would you:
  • Plan a “Harry Potter” movie marathon and weave in all the ends?
  • Tie them off and let them felt naturally with the friction of wearing? (it is all wool and wool blends)
  • Line the skirt and forget the ends?
Remember, here at 2 Sides we believe there is seldom only one right way to do things, but we both also believe that often there is a best way. What would be your best way and why? Do you always weave in ends in knitting? Why or why not?

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