I Miss the Students

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Today and tomorrow are my last days of teaching knitting for the year. I am grateful that I am teaching locally because I get to sleep in my own bed!

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But with the end of each teaching season I begin to miss my students. I have been doing this long enough now that I often have the same folks in class year after year. And so relationships develop, even when our time together is brief and infrequent. And although I miss the people, what I miss the most is what I call “the light bulb moment.”
It happens in almost every class I teach, but it is at a different point almost every time. It is the moment that a student processes in their own head how what they just learned is applicable in solving some problem they have been struggling with or provides an answer they were seeking.
I live for that light bulb moment in teaching.
It is the reason I love to teach. It is the reason I strive to help others become teachers of their passions. It is an amazingly satisfying moment when you share something that in turn provides value to another. And your gift of knowledge doesn’t cost you anything. You can give as much of it away as you possibly can, and it never diminishes. And often, the process of sharing allows you to discover new knowledge, and so it grows.
I suppose this ongoing quest for the light bulb moment is why I also teach skiing. As teaching knitting winds down, ski season is about to get started. And then there is a whole new group of people who might have their light bulb moment with me on the slopes. And maybe, I will find my own light bulb moment, too!

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