If You Wear Skirts, You Can Wear a Knitted Skirt

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The title of this post is a statement I make regularly at the various knitting events I attend. It is my standard response to knitters, who see me wearing a knitted skirt and make some comment indicating that they couldn’t wear a knitted skirt themselves.

This month we are talking about skirts here on the blog. Of course, this is not the first time we have talked about skirts. For me it is definitely a favorite topic because I love designing, knitting and wearing skirts, not only for knitting events, but for everyday events that might require something a bit dressier than jeans. The one pictured above will be available within a few weeks.

A skirt is probably the simplest fit garment to design. I offer a class on the subject and most participants leave with a design ready to knit. The calculations are relatively straight-forward. Want to learn more? Here are a few previous posts on the subject:

If you are ready to try knitting a skirt of your own (Remember – if you wear skirts, you can wear a knitted skirt!) here are a baker’s dozen of designs to choose from. Because someone always asks, my favorite is either the one I just finished or the one I am wearing at the moment!

If you wear skirts, but have been hesitant to give a knitted skirt a try, I want to help you get beyond your fears and/or concerns. Please ask me any question or raise any concern in the comments below. And if you are shy, you can just email me directly and I will answer it in a future blog post.

So what is keeping you from knitting yourself a skirt?

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