Inspiration: Colors of India

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I saw a fun movie last week entitled The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It is about a group of retirees from England all going to India based on an advertisement for a luxury retirement community for “The Elderly and Beautiful.”

I have never been to India, know little about it other than a passing news-broadcast level of understanding, and I’ve only seen 1 real Bollywood film, but goodness, I do love the light and colors of the India shown in this film. Vibrant is the word that comes to mind. Gorgeous. Rich. Many-layered.

Everything seems shot through with golden light, and the colors are bright but not garish somehow. Instead, they are saturated, drenched, glowing. Wow. I have been putting together random swatches of papers from my craft collection to try and capture the feel and visual impact that so affected me as I watched.

I love the idea of trying to create a skirt or tunic with some fabulous, shimmering color, then maybe add a dash of fair isle or beading to bring to mind the beautiful patterns and adornments favored by the people of this fascinating place.

It’s awfully fun to be an armchair traveller, especially when looking at the view through the lens of my knitting.


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