Inspiration Sunday: More Leftovers (by Gwen)

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Officially, today is not my day to post, but I missed yesterday and honestly this fits better today anyway!  Once again Kellie and I were on the same wave length since I was working on this project!!

It is a covering to a another bag (which Kellie talked about last Saturday) using potentially very small amounts of left over bit and pieces of yarn (which she talked about on Friday)!  In this case I am just using one of the clear vinyl bags that I sell, but it could work on anything.

To create the fabric, I used a random number generator to create a series of numbers between 25 and 55 (I had cast on 41 stitches).  Then I would knit the specified number of stitches in a yarn just grabbed out of the basket of “greens”.  As I changed yarns I would knit them both together for some number of stitches (4 – 6) and then start the process over again.  I did nothing else with the ends since they are all between the knitted fabric and the vinyl bag!

So the answer to Kellie’s question on Friday, is I generally keep all the bits if they are at least a yard or two long, because I can always find a way to use them!!!

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