Inspiration Sunday: Top 5 Reasons to Attend TNNA

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Yesterday was the first day of the Winter TNNA trade show in Long Beach.  Although this show focuses a bit more on the “threaded needle” part of the industry it got me thinking about the importance of attending trade shows if you are working in the industry (at least once every year or two).  As such, this might not be applicable to everyone, but even if you are just thinking about making “yarn” a source of income, you might find this useful.

  1. Although online communication is great, in-person connections are just hard to beat. And there is no place more industry people gather at one time than TNNA.  So the networking opportunities are practically limitless. I cannot begin to determine how much business I have gotten via networking at the shows.
  2. It is the one place (particularly the summer show) that you can see and touch nearly every yarn that is available.  Obviously some of the smaller, indie dyer/producers aren’t there, but most anyone who plans on being in the industry long is so there is no better place for figuring out what yarns you want to work with on your next project(s).
  3. It is one of the few places you can find business classes that are actually focused on our industry.  Although you can learn techniques at other conferences, very few focus on the business side of being in the industry.
  4. There is inspiration everywhere! One of my favorite things to do is walk through the “non-knitting” areas to see what ideas the other half of the industry has.  Although it is not always directly translatable, many times it leads to great ideas within my area of expertise.
  5. If you don’t consider CHA (which is more focused on big box hobby stores), this is our only trade association and thus our only trade show.  And like our local shops, if we don’t support it, it will go away and that will be a significant loss for the industry!

It is probably too late for this show, but if you are in the industry, I hope to see you at the Summer TNNA show in Columbus June 22 – 24. Put it on your calendars now!

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