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One of the ways that Kellie and I are different is how we learned to knit. Initially Kellie was mostly (if not exclusively) self-taught from books, while I learned from others. Where we are the same is that we are both willing to explore in order to learn more.

knitting in groups
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Exploration can look like all sorts of things: research, experimentation, asking questions and taking classes. But it can also be as simple as being curious and observant.

Because I am not a big reader and I am a huge extrovert, it is not surprising that my preferred method of learning is through the group learning environment. But I find it valuable not only due to my preferences, but also to the speed at which new knowledge can be acquired.

Over time I have learned that most really useful knowledge is gained through the process of experience. But experience takes time! However, if you are willing to ask questions, listen and be observant, you can gain experience based knowledge from others.

This is one of the reasons I love to teach. Although as the teacher I am thought to be the expert, I am wise enough to know that many in my classes also have knowledge and experiences that I can learn from as well. The more knitters’ ideas and experiences you are exposed to, the more potential knowledge there is to be gained.

It is also the reason I love to take advantage of social knitting groups when they are available. When folks are less conscious of doing something “right”, there is more opportunity for information to be freely shared. When I watch someone knit in class they are worried they are doing something wrong. When I watch them in a social setting, they just assume I am taking a break from my own knitting or thinking about something else!

I love the information that can be shared based on a single question. Who taught you to knit? What are you working on? Where did you find that design? All simple enough questions that can lead down a path of untold riches in knitting knowledge.

And just like all adventures, you never know when you are going to stumble across gold nuggets of knitting knowledge. A unique piece of knowledge not learned in a class or read in a book, but discovered through experience. The information you only can learn when you knit in groups of other knitters!

Do you have a favorite knitting nugget? If so, please share it in the comments below – after all, we are part of your knitting group!

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