Knowing When It Is Right

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This past Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Trendsetter warehouse during a brief weekend visit to the LA area.

Knowing when it is right

I know I should have snapped a picture or two, but we were a bit pressed for time, I am never good about remembering, and we, too, can still get caught up with the yarn fumes! Ultimately, it really does look like a warehouse with high shelves, bar coded and filled with boxes and bags of yarn in a rainbow of colors.

The Trendsetter warehouse is not open to the public except for special events, which are usually coordinated by a shop. However, as a designer (and friend) I was welcome to come by and pick yarn and colors for an upcoming project to be featured as part of our October #NextLevelKAL. It is based on one of my earliest designs that I am reworking now that I have a bit more knowledge and experience not only as a designer, but also as a pattern writer.

As Kellie and I were filming upcoming content for EduKnit, I brought along this “historic” piece and she immediately fell in love with it. Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I had really loved it when I originally designed it, but it never took off in any significant way. But Kellie convinced me it should be reworked in current yarn from one of our EduKnit sponsors. So since I was going to be in the area, it made much more sense to pick colors in person than via the computer screen.

Picking Colors

The good new about being in a warehouse is you have access to practically every color that is available. This is also the bad news, since making a single choice from many wonderful options can be very difficult. Once Barry (the owner of Trendsetter) saw the piece, he suggested a couple of yarn options and we were off. Whereas last time I used only solids, we were considering using a long-run multi-color yarn combined with some related solid colors.

We got the multi-color yarn down to one of three choices, but the solids were not quite right. So Barry suggested combining with a different yarn that has a HUGE range of solid colors that is very similar in weight and spin although the fiber content is different.

As we tried different color combinations, many were lovely, but none felt exactly right – until….

When You Know

Barry place two colors next to the multi and I gasped! (FYI … my photo does NOT do the colors justice)!

This might not sound like much, but when we interviewed Claudia McClean of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns for EduKnit a couple of years ago, she talked about “the gasp.” Claudia said that she knows a customer has found the right colors for her when she hears her gasp upon seeing those colors.

I was fascinated when she shared this during the interview, but honestly was a bit skeptical. A gasp … really?!?

But then it happened to me, this past weekend, when the colors came together. Something inside me knew it was right long before my conscious brain did. But as I continue to look at them, I have no doubt that my instinct was correct. But I might have missed it if I hadn’t known what to watch (or listen) for when selecting colors.

So now you know too!

Have you ever had your breath taken away when selecting colors? Please share your stories in the comments below because I bet I am not the only one!


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