Leftover Yarns Made Beautiful

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Every time I teach a class about taking leftover yarns and turning them into beautiful fabric I get excited about the process all over again! And so it happens yet again, one week after teaching Knit a Masterpiece From Leftover Yarns at Stitches West.

I was wearing my version of the skirt from our FLY Skirt KAL from 18 months ago and it got me thinking about all the great information we shared in that KAL. Then as I walked around at the end of class, looking at all the different swatches, I was once again inspired.

After having taught this class for years, I have seen lots of wonderful swatches made from leftover yarns. Occasionally I am organized enough that I actually get photos of the various pieces of fabric so you can see the variety and beauty that is possible from bits and pieces.

One time I shared the progression in photos from leftovers, to new balls, to fabric. Another time I just shared some swatches with observations of broader life/knitting lessons gleaned during class. Just prior to starting the KAL, I discussed methods using up leftovers to maximize their potential.

During last week’s class one swatch in particular caught my eye. Although I sometimes take snaps of all the swatches, I wasn’t doing that this time (partly due to the large class size and partly due to time constraints). Even so, one spoke to me so strongly, that I had to go grab my phone and snap a photo.


What particularly caught my interest was their choice of colors. It was a color combination that I don’t ever remember seeing in class before. I also personally found it very appealing, but I am not sure that I would have ever come up with it myself.

And so once again I am ready to dive into my stash and see what I can develop as my own leftover fabric.

If this post has got you interested in making some beautiful leftover fabrics for yourself, we will send you a PDF with the 4 easy steps. All you have to do is click here and give us your email address and it will be sent right out.

I see a gray and yellow leftover project in my future…what color(s) will yours be?

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