Life Lessons from Leftover Yarns

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This time last week I was teaching my last class for Stitches Midwest. It is called Knit a Masterpiece from Leftover Yarns and it is the perfect Sunday afternoon class.

140817-LeftoverSwatchesEvery student had access to the same materials, information and stitch patterns. But as I have seen dozens of times, each swatch came out very different from the rest! Sometimes the knitter of the swatch is not happy with the result, but their neighbor loves it. Other times, the knitter thinks they don’t like what is happening and then  they change their mind once there is a bit more fabric below their needles.

Ultimately this class has taught me a number of valuable lessons and provided me great insight about how we as knitters (and more generally as people) think:

  1. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Rarely are things seen the same way when viewed by different eyes.
  2. We can be very quick to judge. Sometimes we are right, but when we are wrong, we might be missing something wonderful.
  3. It is easy to be over-critical of one’s own work. We tend to first find the flaws and in doing so, we sometimes miss the beauty.
  4. Stepping outside our “box” can be challenging, but when we do, we are rarely disappointed.
  5. Simplicity is often underrated.
  6. Sharing (thoughts, ideas, even yarn) is almost always more satisfying than being in a silo.
  7. Creativity is available to everyone. Sometimes we just need to provide a little bit of structure to make it “safe”.

What lessons or insights has knitting provided for you?


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