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I’m traveling in Utah, where 4 of my 5 kids currently live. There are several nice yarn shops here, and the one I’m most familiar with is Heindselman’s, in downtown Provo, Utah, home of Brigham Young University.

I stopped by yesterday to take a break from settling my youngest son into his dorm and helping my oldest son move into a new home. It’s always fun to see how things are set up and what is the priority for the proprietors.

Heindselman’s claim to fame is that they are America’s oldest yarn shop. I really wanted to do an impromptu interview about that, but a steady stream of customers kept the ladies busy so I didn’t get a chance. I’ll be here another week, so maybe I can still get the scoop before I go.

It’s a nice, big shop with classic storefront windows illuminating the front half and a pleasantly old-school and no-nonsense kind of feel to it. In addition to yarns, they have gifts, stuffed animals, some bags, books, patterns and needlepoint supplies. There is an astounding selection of yarns, with cottons, wools, acrylics and blends in nearly every weight. You can tell because they have the yarns arranged by weight, so you can browse among all the potential yarns for your chosen project. Overall, I think that is a good way for a shop to be organized, but it depends on the clientele for sure.

I found some good quality cotton and cotton-blend yarns to make some things for my granddaughter. For my freshman son, I found a licensed design for a fun ski hat. Lastly, for my next pattern release, I decided to get a unique yarn from HiKoo (CoBaSi) to test out a design idea. It’s a wool-free sock yarn with 21% elastic nylon to give the Cotton, Bamboo and Silk some memory and give.

I love this rich tomato color and am looking forward to swatching with it.

What would YOU like to see in a new sock design? I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and requests!  Also, have you been to Heindselman’s?


I also treated myself to this fun project bag and I will leave you with my wish that you are…



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