An Interview with EduKnit Member, Melissa Ravencraft

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Hello, happy knitters! Jess here, Assistant to the Experts at I get to do a little blog take-over today because Gwen and Kellie are immersed in video-making for EduKnit.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing a fabulous knitter by the name of Melissa Ravencraft. Melissa is a member of our EduKnit community and a fairly new knitter (2 years and counting). Connecting with knitters like Melissa is just one part of what makes EduKnit such a great experience, for Gwen, Kellie, and I and for our members!

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I asked Melissa if we could get some feedback about EduKnit from her, and she was happy to comply. Here are her responses.

EK: What is your favorite part about being an EduKnit member?

MR: Knowing I have access to the ‘experts’ in knitting.


EK: What skills have you learned or improved upon as a result of your EduKnit membership?

MR: Working with color and using short rows – I always buy variegated yarn, one because I love color and two, I wasn’t comfortable working with it. Now I’ve taught my mother how to knit using two different skeins of yarn. And the short rows, well, that’s going to take some getting used to.


EK: What has been your favorite piece of Eduknit content?

MR: Do I really have to choose? I love “Geeky Basics” because I’m not an expert knitter but I crave learning. I love “Two Perspectives” because it allows Gwen and Kellie to give different angles on the same issue. I love “Fascinating & Fab” because I always learn something new every time. I love “Expert Interview” because it gives me the chance to hear what ‘the experts’ in a particular field of knitting have to share with the not-so-experts. I just love the content, period. I know when I log in, I’m going to learn something new. I’m one of those people who has to keep learning or I will get bored fast and lay it down. This hasn’t happened and most of that is thanks to Gwen and Kellie and their baby,


“I know when I log in, I’m going to learn something new.” – Melissa R.


EK: How has EduKnit given you confidence in your knitting?

MR: I know it’s okay to make a mistake. It’s okay to not know and ask for help. I know I can start any project and I can count on EduKnit members (and Gwen and Kellie) to help me when I ‘run up again’ it (as we say in the south – run up against it).


EK: What are you most excited about with regard to the future of Eduknit?

MR: I know with each passing month, I’m going to learn something new, what’s more exciting than that?! I know if I have areas of knitting I’m having trouble in, I can email you guys and shortly after that it shows up on EduKnit; someone is listening to their followers and following up so everyone benefits. I’m most excited about being a member of a knitting community where everyone is heard and everyone is treated as an individual, not a ‘group’. I’m a visual learner, so writing things down for me isn’t the easiest way for me to learn. Therefore, the videos make it so much easier for me to retain. The pictures with the text helps me a ton. Text only puts me to sleep. The EduKnit family isn’t just text. It’s learning at it’s best.


I’m most excited about being a member of a knitting community where everyone is heard and everyone is treated as an individual, not a ‘group’. – Melissa R., member


We’re so grateful for members of the EduKnit community like Melissa – it is their feedback about Eduknit and their enthusiasm for knitting that helps us shape the future content we create for the site, so that we can truly custom-tailor the content to meet the needs of our members.


If you’re ready to take YOUR knitting to the next level, click here to join Melissa and the other members of our EduKnit community.


Thanks for letting me take over today, folks! As always, if you have any questions about EduKnit you can ask them in the comments below, or e-mail me directly at assistant{AT}2sides2points{DOT}com. Happy stitching!




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