Merry Chistmas

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Depending on your cultural and/or religious background, today may or may not be a celebrated holiday. However, for Kellie and I, as life-long, practicing (in that we are always striving to improve) Christians – today has much meaning an importance.

Yarn Ball Wreath

Today’s post will be short, a little bit silly, but hopefully fun for all!

Sung to the tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
Have yourself a knitter’s perfect Christmas
May your gauge be right
From now on your sweaters won’t be too tight

Have yourself a knitter’s perfect Christmas
Time to stash away
From now on you’ll never worry what you paid

Here we are in our local shop
Happy place we love to be
Luscious yarn that we want to buy
Don’t we wish it all was free

Through the years we all will knit our projects
And make mistakes we rue
But we’ll fix them ‘cuz that’s just what knitters do
So have yourself a perfect knitter’s Christmas too

As we spend time with our families (Kellie with much of her immediate and extended family as they prepare to add a new member via a wedding and I with Arlis), we wish you all the JOY, PEACE and LOVE this season signifies to us.

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