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Life by a lake has a certain something about it, and I like it.

Today I will be driving home from Lake Norman in North Carolina. My son Evan and I and two of his friends have been blessed since Sunday to be guests at the lovely home of another friend and her mom. The home is a study in Arts and Crafts minimalism and understatement, one of my favorite architectural and decorative styles. Being here has given me the opportunity to pause, think, and slow down for a few days. While I did bring my camera, I did not bring my computer. I’m tapping this out on the tiny portable keyboard I have for my ipad. I am not 100% in love with my iPad, so that means there were tasks I did not get to since I use my laptop for most of my work.
I did bring knitting, but the simplest personal knitting I currently have going: a one-row striped scarf made from yarns by Kismet. It’s soothing to work its binary repetitiveness. I’ve been knitting in both directions and love to see how even my stitches become when I do that.
Fortunately, to make it a real vacation, I got a little ahead in my tasks for Eduknit, and the news is good. Lucy Neatby will be my guest interview on Friday. She will be talking about double knitting and it’s a great conversation. I am really happy I got to talk to her. Next week we will be unveiling two new 2Sides Patterns!

We are having some good fun over there at the new website, and you are all invited to take part.

Now I leave to go back to real life. Gwen comes to my side of the country on Friday for some teaching, then some video production next week. I go back on the road a week from tomorrow to take my youngest out to university, then I’ll get back and start making a whole new kind of normal in a newly empty nest.

I hope you’ve had chances to pause and that your knitting, whether simple or not, has been by your side.