A Question of Scarves

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Generally Kellie and I try to use this blog to provide knowledge and expertise to you all. But we also know that you, our readers, also are a wealth of knowledge. Today I pose a question / problem to you all.

Scarves on Lamp

Up until very recently this has been my method of storing scarves. Some might think this is a fine solution, but in fact there were (are) several issues that have left me searching for better scarf storage solutions.

Here are the problems with my current set-up:

  • That lamp is right next to my desk, so they are not really where I need them.
  • Over the past year I have been knitting LOTS of scarves (this is just a sampling) and I realize now that it is winter again, I actually want to wear them.
  • If I put “all” my scarves on the light, it starts to tip over.
  • When I throw them in the basket, the ones on the bottom get forgotten.

Basket of Scarves

So here is my question:

How do you organize your scarves (hand knit or other) so you know what you have and are reminded to wear them? Please share your scarf storage solutions in the comments below so we can all learn!

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