Simplicity of Design in Skirts

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Knitted skirt designs are my favorite type of designing because they are so simple! A few measurements, a nice knitted fabric swatch, some relatively simple calculations and your design is ready to go! When I am designing a skirt in only one size (for myself), I can complete all the calculations and write the entire pattern on less than a 1/2 sheet of paper.

Part of the simplicity of knitted skirt designs comes from the fact that the only “strict” calculations are in the yoke of the skirt (between the waist and the hips). Once you get past the hips you can almost “free form” the design. In my notes above I only have design notes through the yoke of the skirt.  This was due in part to not knowing if I wanted a straight skirt (just keep knitting) or an a-line skirt (continue to add some increases).

Fresh off the needles — finishing not yet complete

Ultimately I went for a straight skirt.  I did decide to add one more round of increases just to give myself a little more room in the leg; but after that, I just worked straight.  My decision was based primarily on the amount of leftover yarn I was using for the project.  I was concerned about having enough and knew that a straight style takes less than a flared style. In addition, I generally make my a-line skirts a bit longer, so a straight option would also require a bit less length.

All I have left is to add the elastic, manage the ends where necessary (really only along the bottom edge) and then launder the garment and it will be ready to go.  Simple as that! A new skirt for my wardrobe designed with less than a 1/2 of sheet of paper.  How can you not love that?!?!

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