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Right now all that is on my mind and needles are skirts. I am 80% done with the latest leftover skirt. I am also swatching for a new design for Skacel for their next Magalog (sign-up for their newsletter so you don’t miss it). I need to order yarn from Louet for one of several skirts being featured on the Hawaii cruise early next year.

So a logical question would be, where do you find all the inspiration for each of these skirts? The answer is simple: I steal them!!

In Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist, he talks about finding inspiration from other artist both within your particular area of expertise as well as outside. So it is no surprise that I do a combination of both.

Within the industry I will find myself inspired by stitch patterns, knitted fabrics and other garments and think about how they would work within the structure of a skirt. Sometimes it is just taking an element like Kellie talked about with her newest design, Butterscotch Ripples. Other times it is incorporating a fabric or stitch pattern in a new or different way. Regardless, the inspiration starts with someone else’s knitting.

I also love to use the power of the internet and reach into the world of fashion for inspiration. Google “skirt” and then click on “images” and you will see what I mean. These images provide ideas on shape, structure and visual design. I also look in my own closet. What is the style of the skirt that I buy and like to wear? Most of the time, the fabrics for purchased skirts are light-weight woven fabrics, so translating them appropriately into knitted fabric is the trick.

Of course, these inspiration techniques would work for anything, not just skirts. The only requirement is you are willing to go for it without a pattern. But as garments go, a skirt is probably the easiest to design.

However, if you are ready to knit a skirt, but would like some guidance along the way, Kellie’s latest design, Butterscotch Ripples, is available now. It is a great basic skirt design with just a little of fun lace along the bottom; perfect for the upcoming season. Or check out any of my many other skirt designs.

Next time you see me, I will probably be wearing a knitted skirt, will you?!

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