Two Sides – Two Points began in 2010 as Two Sides of the Same Stitch  the shared blog of Gwen Bortner and Kellie Nuss. Our blog name comes from the fact that knit and purl are opposites sides of one stitch resulting in
innumerable fabrics. You can jump to our About Us page if you want to learn about our history or how we, like knit and purl, are the same yet opposite.

We write about what we know about, what we are passionate about and what we love. So most of the time our content is based around knitting, photography, running a small business, the craft industry in general and occasionally just the world around us.


Although our fan base is not particularly large (by current internet standards) they are loyal and our numbers are quickly growing. Both Gwen and Kellie are published designers, national level teachers and can be regularly found talking to, learning from and teaching with some of the leading names in our industry. We each in turn share our experiences, observations and perspectives as posts covering a wide range of topics. By alternating posting days, our blog maintains a freshness while at the same time providing a forum for conversation not only with our readers but also with each other.

Our current stats as of the end of 2013 show the following:

  • Average Monthly page views: 8000+
  • A typical month has 15 – 20 posts

We are not strict about holding to our editorial calendar, but it does provide a framework for our content development. Our current theme are as follows:

  • January – A Fresh Start: Start a new project or try something new.
  • February – Love Is In the Air: Things we love, projects, yarns, tools, techniques.
  • March – Spring Cleaning: Finishing UFOs, using up left-overs, cleaning out the stash.

Because our primary income is not generated by advertising, our rates are reasonable and provide a variety of options for every budget. We would love to introduce our readers to your shop, blog or online business!