Sundry Saturday: Potpourri for 1000 please, Alex

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A few responses and random thoughts:

For Lady who commented on 12/2: If you catch Finish-itis, will you come share an ice cream cone with me so I can catch it too? I have so many projects hiding in my house that I call them Insulation instead of UFO’s. (BTW, regarding the ice cream cone, that’s what we used to do in the unenlightened days before the chickenpox vaccine. If one kid in the neighborhood got the dreaded pox, we’d purposely expose the other kids to just get it over with. Ice cream parties were a popular method)

For Gwen regarding felting: I think that felting has come into its own and is recognized as a legitimate and separate art form. Maybe not by some felting purists, and there is still that whole felted/fulled debate, but I love the effects that can be created with felted knitting (and in no other way, really). It is unique, useful and beautiful.

Update on the Interweave eMag SpinKnit: One treasure I found that may have already helped it to earn its keep is a video interview with one of my heroes, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. I’d always heard of her “Texas Twang” and loved the quiet, helpful voice in her written work, but it was actually a thrill to see her talk and move on the screen. She said that we must always hold onto craft and not give it up. It was beautiful, actually. The article describes her work: “Look at the old ways, understand why they stood the test of time, and apply them to today’s needs.” That is about as perfect a description of my own knitting journey as I will ever find, thanks to Priscilla’s influence.

And last but not least, the deadlines were all met, the magazine submission is in and turned out great, and all is well. I love Gwen’s idea of Finishing Up in December. I’m doing a bit of that myself and it always feels great.

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