Taken for a Ride

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This is a photo of me and Arlis after our first motorcycle ride together. Kellie has been all adventurous, checking things off her bucket list, and this was new to me.  Not really on my bucket list, but willing to give it a go to share something with my hubby. I made him bribe me with some of the best donuts around, but he figured that was a small price to pay!

Lots of things are changing in my world, but typically I consider that a good thing. Change means that things are not stagnant; I find change is an opportunity to improve and grow. Honestly, I can bore easily, so changes usually keep me interested.

As part of the changes, I have also added some new tools to my travel attire. Unless a trip specifically requires it, I am going to try to carry on less.  I am trading in my laptop for an iPad when traveling. I “test drove” this last month at TNNA and it seemed to work just fine as a solution, so we are going to try it again.

As such, I am down-sizing my bag to be something more flexible (both literally and figuratively) since my old roller bag (which I LOVE) doesn’t always fit well on some of the smaller planes I have to travel on regularly.  I got some Hadaki swag last year at TNNA and loved it so much I opened an account with them this year. This bag can also easily double as a purse (a big one), if needed.

And there are lots of other changes happening as well. I am in the process of trying expand my business, and I am trying new things (like the FLY Skirt KAL) within my existing business. But this is good as I am open to the idea that change is an opportunity to try new things.  And much like my first ride on the motorcycle, it is a little scary at the start. But as I invest a little bit of time, I can relax, begin to see the possibilities and get excited for what’s up ahead! Sometimes you just have to be willing to be taken for a ride!!

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