The Surprising Finances of Teaching

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Back in July I was asked by my friend Stacey from FreshStitches to write a blog post about the behind the scenes of being a professional knitting instructor. What I discovered as I prepared the guest post was a bit surprising!

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What I was looking at in this post was my “actual” hourly rate for teaching a class. Keep in mind that there are too many variables to make a completely accurate prediction for every scenario. But even so, the numbers I calculated were in some cases a little disheartening.

You may remember I posted a little bit about this same topic when I was preparing today’s guest post. For my teaching model to work, I have to be able to teach the same class multiple times. When I don’t include my travel time I generally need to teach a class 4 times before I start earning a reasonable wage. However, if I add in an estimate of travel time, that number jumps to 10 times! Talk about surprising finances of teaching!

So what did I learn for this exercise? A LOT! The main thing is that traveling eats into my profitability in a serious way. So will I try to minimize my travel? No, because although I make more per hour if I travel less, the math doesn’t really work. Besides, I love the experience of being in the classroom, in real time, with students like you! And part of that joy is visiting locations throughout the country.

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So are you ready to have me come visit your location? Remember you can always check our teaching calendar to see where we are currently scheduled. Or drop us an e-mail to see about having either (or both) of us come teach at your local shop or guild. We hope to see you in class soon!

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