Think Tank: A Question on Patterns

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Think Tank Thursdays was generally set aside as a day for Kellie and I to provide reviews of industry related items or provide our thoughts (and opinions) on whatever topic might currently be of interest. However, as I finish up a couple of new patterns it got me thinking about why knitters purchase a pattern.

Due to my role in the industry, my perspective on this is kind of warped. So I am looking for insight from our readers. The question really is this:

What is the reason you buy a knitting pattern? Designer? Project? Popularity? Technique used? Yarn used? Pictures? Or other factors?

And to make it fun…each person who provides a response will be entered in to a random drawing to received a free copy of one of the two patterns I am in the process of finishing up! Winner’s choice!! And just to add to the fun (since today is the 10th), there will be a 1 in 10 chance of winning. For every 10 entries (comments) a winner will be drawn. You have 10 days to comment (until Jan 19, 2013) and then the winners will be drawn and announced on January 20th.

So what is the reason you buy a knitting pattern? Your answer could be worth a free pattern!

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