Think Tank: Off We Go, Into the Wild, Blue Yonder

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Flying high, into the sun…

Today, my 15-year old son got a great opportunity (thank you Groupon and good friends for making it happen) to have an introductory flying lesson. He went with J, who he’s known since age 5, and after a short intro to the plane, Rob the instructor at Freeway Airport took them up and over the Chesapeake Bay and back again. Both boys got to actually control the plane. I think at first they were both a bit nervous and unsure of what would happen, but the end result was just what J’s mom and I dreamed of. They got out of that plane with the biggest smiles you can imagine literally splitting their cute faces in half. They were completely exhilarated.  It was pretty fun to be able to watch someone’s horizons be expanded and the world open up to them in wonderful new ways.

The experience today made me think about teaching and how whenever I teach something, my absolute favorite moments are the ones when I see that same smile that I saw on two boys today split someone’s face and their eyes light up because something clicks and they get to a whole new feeling of confidence in their knitting. I LOVE that. It leaves me just as exhilarated. The only credit I take for it is hopefully creating an atmosphere that encourages that confidence, because chances are I haven’t actually taught anything they haven’t already seen in a book or thought of themselves. Mostly, I hope help them to believe they can do whatever they want to do as a knitter.  Today,  Rob the Flight Instructor created the conditions for two kids to believe they actually COULD fly a plane, so they did!

As I think about and prepare for classes throughout this coming fall, I look forward with the hope that I might again be privileged to watch a few more knitters really take off and fly.

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