Tool Love for Travel

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Let’s face it. For some knitters, the tools are as wonderful as the yarns and patterns. How do you feel about your tools? Do you need to have the same ones with you all the time or do you collect them and change them occasionally? For years I have used the same basic collection for any kind of travel, whether it’s to the coffee shop or across the country.

Here is what I keep in what I consider my “desert island” tool kit:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • post-it notes
  • measuring tape
  • needle sizer
  • waste yarn (for holding stitches, basting seams, etc)
  • containers of tapestry and yarn needles (I do love Chibi sets-I have a regular one and a small-gauge one)
  • crochet hook
  • double pointed needles (for fixing mistakes, emergency cable needles, pinning together while sewing seams-these are honestly two of the most used things in there)
  • Various sizes of stitch markers
  • scissors
  • safety pins (I do like the little coil-less ones because they don’t get tangled in the stitches)
  • hand lotion or cream

A few things that are usually in there but aren’t in this photo are:

  • Lip balm (great for waxing nicks in needles or just smoothing them for any reason, or can be used on hang nails and other roughness if lotion isn’t working)
  • Hook-Points from Lacis-a short, ebony needle with a knitting needle point on one end and a crochet hook on the other-very nifty and handy for picking up and fixing mistakes.
  • a 6 inch by 1 inch piece of soft suede (wonderful for having just enough “grab” to stick to my instructions like a post-it note or magnet
  • emery board (works on nails, but also great for calming nicks in wood or bamboo needles)

I also love this little case that I can keep in my purse all the time: 


What do you keep in your essential tool kit?  I’d love to know! Do you have smaller, duplicate kits that can travel to other bags and projects?

Don’t forget, especially now in the last days before Christmas that tools make wonderful gifts that will please any knitter. Stop by your local yarn shop and have some fun!

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