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I have just finished reading a book! That may not sound like much to most of you, but I am not a reader, I am a listener. But this one I actually read, cover to cover, every word!

Steal Like an Artist book review

Not nearly as surprising, Kellie read and posted about this book over two years ago! It intrigued me then, but apparently not enough. I follow Austin Kleon on Twitter and he posted that the book was on sale and that was enough. I hopped over and bought Steal Like an Artist.

Two Points of View

As I re-read Kellie’s post, I am reminded where we got our blog and eventually business name. There are so many times we are of a like mind it is easy to sometimes forget how very different we also can be. But it also points out how incredibly valuable this small but insightful book really is!

Kellie’s take-aways and insights are so very different than mine. But as I think about my friend and business partner, I am not surprised that this is the case. This is definitely one of the areas that we are better described as opposite (as in, opposites attract).

Gwen’s Take

My perception is that most of my creativity is forced upon me. My natural state is logical, not creative. It was why I was perceived to be naturally gifted at computer programming: it is exclusively about logic. I am also very good at problem-solving.

So when I do things that are viewed as creative, I am just solving a presented problem in the most logical way possible.

But this, too, is a form of creativity. It is taking ideas and concepts that we already know and combining them and applying them in unique ways to create (see what word I used there?) a solution.

Be Boring

That is the title of my personal favorite chapter of the book. It is about all the pragmatic stuff that goes along with being creative. And this is where I found a interesting idea that I have decided to try. It is keeping a log book answering the question, “What is/are the best thing(s) that happened today?”

I have tried writing in a journal and found that it’s not my gift nor my inclination. But the concept of the log book is different. No prose is required, unless desired. Just a simple phrase or two, a picture, a reminder. And only the good stuff – what was good then, what is good now. A method for keeping track of the journey for those of us less literate!

If I Can, You Can

If you have any interest in creativity, I really do encourage you to buy and read Steal Like an Artist. If you are a reader, one short sitting is all it will take. If you are more like me, then it might take 2 or 3 sittings. But seriously, if I can get through it, I bet you can,  too. And there is just no telling what personal insights you will discover. When you do, we would love for you to share them with us! Just send us a note, we love hearing from you!

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