Turning a WIP into a FO

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I don’t think I have shown this to you, but this has been my primary WIP (surprise — it is entrelac)!

140409-DiagonalSkirtBut today my WIP became a FO. My plan (hope) was to wear it this weekend at Stitches South. And much to my own surprise, I will be able to do that without having to take any finishing “tools” in my luggage. I can just pack the garment. What is it you ask? Most of you can probably guess, but it is yet another skirt! Since I will be with Kellie, I will see about getting a really good photo of the finished piece instead of this quick selfie snapshot.

Recently I have taken on very few commissions so this piece was designed and knit just for me. It has been so long since I have done this, I almost forgot what it was like!

Will I end up publishing the pattern? Probably not. The yarn is Red Fish Dye Works silk and wool which is lovely, but only available at west coast trade shows and online. It is also rather pricey so the materials make this a rather serious investment. Could it be translated into another yarn? Probably, but I don’t know if the final product would be as satisfying.

Interestingly, I have had the majority of the knitting done for several weeks. But as it neared completion, it lost its classification of “travel project.” So it just sat, waiting until I was home long enough to do the finishing work for my knitting – I had to complete a single seam, add the bottom edging and insert the elastic. Turned out that 3 queued hour long shows (about two and a half hours) was enough to get it done. And now I have something “new” to wear!

What is up next? I currently do have a commission that I need to get finished.  Luckily it makes for GREAT travel knitting, so it will be perfect as I head off to Atlanta for Stitches South. Kellie and I will both be there, so if you are coming too…make sure to stop us and say “hi”!


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