Welcome to Two Sides of the Same Stitch (AKA – The Same Stitch)

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Welcome to the new blog of Gwen Bortner and Kellie Nuss, two self-professed knitting geeks!!  Gwen and Kellie met while teaching at Stitches and immediately became great friends finding many things in common.  In particular, the love of discussing the details and various options for all things knitting.

Our blog is called Two Sides of the Same Stitch because that is what knit and purl are: opposites sides of one stitch resulting in innumerable fabrics. Like the knit stitch, Gwen and Kellie are kind of the same, yet opposite.  Gwen lives on the West Coast, Kellie on the East Coast; Gwen is left handed, Kellie right handed; Gwen has no children, Kellie has five children; Gwen is an extrovert and loves to tell stories, Kellie is an introvert an patiently listens.  But even with all the differences, we both love the creative, technical, beautiful, intriguing aspects found in the world of hand knitting.

Our goal is to take turns posting on various topics determined by the day of the week:

  • Mathematical Mondays: Gauge, design, yardage, any mathematical type topic
  • Tech Talk Tuesdays: Fully reveal our inner knitting geek
  • WIP Wednesdays: Discuss what is currently on our needles
  • Think Tank Thursdays: Focus on our thoughts and opinions; review books and products
  • Fine Finishing Fridays: Cast on, bind off, seams and such that really make the difference
  • Sundry Saturdays: For any of the miscellaneous stuff we want to share
  • Simply Inspirational Sundays: For the visual stuff

Knowing us, we will probably miss a few days here and there, but hang in there with us — we really do think this is going to be a lot of fun (and hopefully educational too).  And because we are both teachers at heart, please feel free to post your own knitting questions and we will do our best to answer them – you will probably get at least two possible solutions (maybe more).