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As Kellie and I spent a few days together before TNNA, we asked ourselves the question what, if anything, were we going to do next? It is a simple question that rarely has a simple answer. But before we got in the car to begin our journey down south, we had an answer.

Whats new for us


We decided, before we put a ton of effort into anything new, we would research the market, and TNNA was the perfect place for this type of market research. We believed there might be both interest and need to outsource the production of pattern lines for yarn companies. As we said in our brochure, they are more than capable of pulling a pattern line together, but it involves the coordination of many individuals, a skill I developed as a project manager and a role I enjoy.

We identified about a dozen companies that we believed might be interested our services and initiated a conversation to evaluate interest and see if we were on the right path. The interest was there and so we are proceeding. This doesn’t mean we will stop teaching – it is still one of our greatest loves within the industry. But we believe this is another way we can also add value to the industry that we love so much.

What does this have to do with you? So glad you asked!

Although we will focus on centralizing production for our potential customers, that does not mean we will be doing all the work. Actually the opposite is true. Instead, we will be coordinating a team of other industry resources such as designers, tech editors, sample knitters, graphic artists, etc. If you are a professional in the industry, we would love for you to join our list of industry resources. If you are not, but know people who are (yarn really is a small world), please ask them to sign-up!

As soon as we have a call for designs or request for services, we will be using our list to contact potential designers and service providers. But you need to be on the list to get the call. So please join and/or help us spread the word. And if you or any of your friends in the industry have questions, please don’t hesitate to have them email me and I will get back to them as soon as reasonable.

Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting content!

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