When Fashion Becomes Functional

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For as long as the scarf craze has been appearing and re-appearing, I have never really been a fan. The reason is simple: I am too uncoordinated to wear a scarf!

Even when I have the great reference sheets on attractive and functional ways to wear a scarf, I never feel like I can get them right. I can do it for someone else. But it is just like braiding hair, I can braid someone else’s hair beautifully, but doing it for myself is a complete disaster! But the infinite loop versions – well that is a completely different matter.

This week the cool weather finally arrived on the west coast, bringing along with it some much needed rain. The change in temperature got me thinking once again about scarves and the other knitting accessories that typically come out of the closet in the fall.

StudyStripes-CowlIn the past few years, I have found myself designing, knitting and even more surprisingly wearing a number of knitted accessories. My favorite being the cowl, infinite loop or Mobius scarf. Even though there are some differences, for the sake of wearing, I think of them all in the same category. The reason for this new-found interest is because they are “easy” in so many ways.

They are easy to design as they usually are not sized. And even if they are, many times the next size is just a process of simple multiplication.

They are easy to knit since once you get started, you just go round and round until you are ready to bind off. Finishing is minimal. At worst there are a few ends to weave in and you are done.

They are easy to wear even for the scarf challenged like myself. Slip them over your head, loop it again if necessary and you are ready to go.


As a skier there is an added bonus, they are much safer than traditional scarves. Loose clothing such as the dangling end of a scarf can become very dangerous if caught in the machinery or tangled between the legs. They also can be converted for a variety of uses including ear warmer, headband, or face mask for those incredibly cold days.


I have no idea how long the looped scarf trend is going to run as I have very little fashion-forward thinking, but I am hoping that it stays for many more seasons to come!

If this has got your fingers to knit a scarf, all of these designs can be found along with several others in the Two Sides – Two Points Raverly pattern shop.

So what fashion accessory is your favorite to both knit and wear?

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