WIP: More Work on the FLY Skirt

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My part of the FLY skirt KAL is coming along!!  And I continue to love the fabric more and more. But see that little blob of teal-ish yarn? That is all I have left of one of my two “new” balls. I used up all of the browns on the flight home. It has been a FANTASTIC project for take-along, mostly mindless knitting.  The stitch pattern is simple so I only have to keep track of three rows.  And it is easy enough to see if I have made a mistake so there has been no major ripping back, just a little un-knitting now and again.

As it stands I have about 2″ – 3″ more to knit. This will make it the same length as a similar skirt whose length I really like.  And this is a good thing since my leftovers are starting to run a bit thin!!  If I was using lots of different yarns like Kellie is, then this would be less of an issue.  But since I am sticking with my bits and pieces from Claudia Hand Painted Yarn – Fingering, I want to try and just use up what I have.

So tonight I will spend some time winding up some more “new” balls so I can finish up the skirt. I am not doing anything special at the hem since the stitch pattern lays flat, I will just bind off loosely and call it done.  Well….except I think I am going to need some new shoes and maybe a new top to go with the new skirt!!!! I will have earned it…right?!?! How is your FLY skirt KAL project coming along?

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