Wisdom for When Time is Short

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sheepstashI happen to celebrate Christmas, and there often comes a moment during this particular week of the year when I have to prioritize and let go of things that have gotten out of proportion or their proper order. Gift-giving and celebrating are wonderful traditions that can bring a lot of joy. Sadly however, these supposed acts of love can also suddenly go very, very sideways and scores of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (knitters, of course) become crazed, sleep-deprived maniacs with sharp sticks in their hands. This is not good. Ask me how I know.

This year, I had plans to give one or two knitted things as gifts.  Along came a busier-than-expected fall, several big changes in my routine, and in general that thing called Life. Suddenly, It’s December 13 and I find I’m only halfway through the project and nearly all the way to the USPS mailing deadline. I’m also leaving tomorrow for nearly a month of family and business travel and won’t return home till January 12.

This is when other equations have to come into operation and I try really hard to let my mind rest. A gift doesn’t lose its meaning if it arrives in January or even April.  Sometimes a heartfelt note is just as good as a something, even the something is as precious as a hand-knitted gift. At this moment in time, I’d rather enjoy the season and not drive myself crazy trying to impress someone with my skills. That’s kind of counter to what I think is the best part of Christmas anyway.

I hope that you will (gingerly) lay your needles down when the time is right and remember to breathe, to enjoy, to love those that you so badly want to bless with your knitting. They’ll love it just as much when you can finish it in peace.  And if they don’t,  perhaps what they really need (instead of your precious handwork) is a new copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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Originally posted on December 14, 2010.

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