A Desultory End-Of-Trip Post

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Here’s what’s on my mind today about knitting. Enjoy the ride.

  • It’s time for me to leave Arizona. I finished up my time here by completing two pair of Knitted Knockers for mom. I used HiKoo Co-Ba-Si DK by Skacel, which has become a favorite yarn. Mom is really pleased with the results. When her recovery from surgery is complete, she thinks she’ll get a lot of use out of them.
  • I used the fact that I was knitting from the same pattern multiple times to experiment with things, which is always fun. I switched up the increase I used for the shaping, and found that a Make 1 made by lifting the running thread between two stitches and a Make 1 created by a backward yo look about the same for me; the only difference is really in the mechanics of executing (I prefer the lifted one). On the next pair, I’m going to use another increase that I learned as the Lifted Increase. It uses the stitch below, rather than a running thread. I’ll let you know the results.
  • I completed 4 fairly major UFOs while I was here, and I’m really happy about that. One of them was my sample for our new Butterscotch Ripples skirt pattern. It is so fun to wear. You can always find my 50×50 project by searching the hashtag #kelsniftyfifty on Instagram. I’m starting to have a few doubts that I’ll get to 50 by August, but I do have some small projects that will hopefully up my odds, and even if I don’t finish, the quest has been a noble and productive one.
  • Next on my list to knit is a Stephen West Design. It will be my first. I know. How have I resisted this long??
  • Tomorrow I head to Nashville to photograph, document and teach. All at STITCHES South. There’s still time to register if you want to come!

Thanks for following along as I’ve gone through this difficult time for my family. While my parents have made me feel more than welcome and it’s been a joy to be with them, being gone from home for extended periods always takes some energy, and mine definitely waxes and wanes. I hope that, as you have gone through challenges in your life, knitting has been a warm and friendly companion to you. For me, the yarn in my hands and the people in my knitting world have been equally valuable. IMG_5311

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