Busyness of the Knitting Business

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Say the word knitting and most people think of rocking chairs, slow movements and relaxation. And I would have to agree that when knitting is done “right” – at least one if not all three of these things rings true. But not so much when knitting is your business.


This past week for Kellie and I was much more about the busyness of the knitting business. We started out by teaching for a few days, added in vending at the industry trade show, at the same time Kellie also added in show photographer (we were both still also teaching) and then I added a few additional days on the end as a board member for the industry association (a volunteer position).

In the meantime we also had to get the final touches on our two new patterns being launched for the month of Lace on EduKnit. Thanks to Sarah, the Zigzag Lace Twin Set got its final polish just before I got on the plane to leave last week.



However, Jackie’s Beanstalk Climbing Socks still needed photos taken and added after Kellie returned home. So that pattern was just finalized this morning.


Thanks to Jess, our newest EduKnit Store Members have been set-up and are ready to begin participating. Thanks to Arlis, Jess was able to resolve a technical issue. Thanks to Jordan, new videos are finalized on a regular basis.

All this to say, there are lots of hats to wear when running a knitting business. Ultimately, even when you are working as a sole proprietor, it takes a village to keep all the balls in the air. When what you love to do is also your business, it is easy to get caught up in all the activities and lose the pure enjoyment.

So soon I am going to run away with Arlis for a long weekend to our cabin where there is practically no connectivity of any kind and the only thing to do is talk, play games, nap, eat, enjoy nature, and sit on the porch in the rocking chair and knit!! I hope you too will soon find time to do the same!


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