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Kellie and GWen

Kellie (L) and Gwen (R)

Gwen and I have been thinking a lot lately about both our past and our future. Here is a thumbnail sketch of the past:

  • We met each other about 10 years ago and started becoming friends soon after that.
  • We bonded permanently over her story of a cruise adventure that remains one of the best-told accounts of anything I’ve ever heard.
  • A few years later, we recognized a pretty special kind of bond between us, framed up by some fun but significant differences.
  • We made the decision to capitalize on both sides of our relationship, and so, Two Sides of the Same Stitch was born.
  • My first post was about evenly increasing stitches across a row. We used to post almost every day, and each day had a theme. I got Mathematical Monday and I explained the Math of knitting as an English major understands it. It was a fun challenge, and I still think it’s a good, useful post.

At this moment, our blogging history includes 6 full years of regular posts about every aspect of knitting that that we could think of. There are only a few time periods when we ran past posts, so most of the articles were fresh off of our brains.  140801-SimpleDK

Halfway through our blogging partnership, in Feb. 2013, we were still following about the same format as we started with, and still coming up with ideas for our regularly rotating daily topics. I really love that part, that we haven’t run out of things to write about. Knitting really is wonderful. In one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written, I explained about knitting and doing computer work on a small exercise cycle. I am happy to say that I still use that method regularly, and I still enjoy it. I’m still not sure how it fit into the topic “WIP Wednesday,” but we allowed each other a fair amount of latitude about the topic names.

What I still love most about blogging with Gwen is the continued energy between us. There has been a high level of patience on her part (I’ve definitely missed more scheduled posts than she has), mutual admiration, and appreciation of complementary skills (I write more about feelings, observations and abstract connections while Gwen is so good at focusing on analysis, calls to action, and practical skills).

There’s more to tell when it comes to the evolution of our blog, and I’ll pass the baton to Gwen to fill in her thoughts and memories of the process. Here are links to a couple more of my earliest posts… I hope you enjoy a trip down our memory lane.

On Stranded Knitting, from 11/24/2010

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