Mind. Blown.

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Have you ever had a moment when a knitting technique or idea actually did blow your mind, fired up your imagination, and moved you memorably forward in your endeavors? I remember once when it happened to me. I was looking at an Alice Starmore Pattern – this one, in fact – and I realized that traveling stitches and cables could be combined with intarsia. What??? I remember the sensation of barriers in my mind actually going down and thinking, “Whoa! Anything is possible when you knit!”

Fast forward about 15 years from that moment and the ease with which my mind immediately went to combining cables and intarsia for a new design. I didn’t have to question whether it was possible, I just started swatching to see what I could come up with. It was a fun connection to make and see how far I’d come.

Pretty much everything Gwen and I do in our professional lives is meant to lead you to those kinds of realizations: anything is possible. It doesn’t mean you have to enjoy or even try everything that is out there, but to have the foundation of knowing it can be done and that you can most likely do it can change the way you view patterns and think about making your knitting personal and meaningful.

As you get to the end (or maybe the beginning – wink, wink) of your gift knitting for the upcoming holidays, remember this. You can do it! If you’re looking for inspiration, search through this blog, or remember that our Quick Clips are open to the public over on Eduknit.

Here’s to curiosity and the occasional mind-blowing experience in your future knitting.



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