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Ever since I discovered teaching I knew that this was what I wanted to devote my time and attention to.

Whether I’m teaching a room full of knitters, or working with a shop streamlining their operations, or giving a keynote thousands, I always want to spark that lightbulb moment (the moment when everything clicks together) and then I want to ensure that you have the tools to bring that inspiration into reality.

In all of my classes to both knitters and industry professionals, I hope my students have the confidence to make their ideas a reality. I know that we often have the skills we need to bring our projects to fruition and that we often just need a little boost of confidence. That boost of confidence is what I give my students.

I teach over 40 classes. But my most popular include: Entrelac Intro, Brioche Basics, Knitting Hacks, and Knitted Skirts.

In addition to “regular knitting classes” I also regularly teach a variety of business classes at TNNA. So if you’re ever at any of the shows and looking to expand your business knowledge I hope to see you in class!

You can download my full roster of classes, including a brief description, the class activity, the necessary skills needed to fully participate in the class, and any supplies that might be necessary, here.

The best way to stay up-to-date on what I’m teaching is to sign up for my newsletter. I see the emails I sent as a way to stay in touch with my students and to help spread confidence even when we can’t be in class together. You can sign up right here.

If you are an event organizer, shop owner, or the head of the guild interested in having me come to teach, I am available to teach classes to guilds, yarn stores, and at other events. Most of my classes running between 3 and 4 hours long. I also have a number of classes that can be configured for a 12-15 hour weekend, and a number of topics I can deliver a keynote address on.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking me for a teaching engagement, please send an email to

If you’re a knitter interested in taking a class from me contact your local yarn shop and suggest that they contact me to come teach. I’m always grateful for a full teaching calendar and I love the opportunity to teach at new to me yarn shops.

You can find my current teaching calendar here.

Over the past many years of teaching, I’ve regularly taught at Stitches Events, TNNA conferences, Craft Cruise tours, Weekend Away with Cambria Yarn, in addition to a number of local yarn shops and one-off events and festivals.

Additionally you can find my Craftsy/Blueprint classes is here.

And if you’re interested in diving into the world of Entrelac, pick up my book Entree to Entrelac and I’ll be happy to get you started.

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“Fabulous instructor – learned a lot!”

“Thanks Gwen for the tough love”

“Difficult message to hear but powerful ideas.”

“This class was so informational and encouraging.”

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